Voters are the Party

One of the most common complaints people make about our politics is how detached politicians are from what “we the people” want. This couldn’t be further from the truth. American democracy is very market oriented– especially the in the House. Yesterday’s House Republican secret ballot votes on Liz Cheney and Majorie Taylor Greene was a […]

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There is No Post-Trump GOP

There is only Trump. The first piece I explicitly wrote about Donald Trump was nearly five years ago (feels more like 20 years ago). It was titled “Creating a Monster.” I argued that the rise of Donald Trump to win the nomination of the GOP was the natural evolution of where the party had been […]

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Qhristians for Trump

MIT Technology Review has an interesting piece out on how the pandemic has accelerated the embrace of QAnon conspiracies among Evangelical Christians cut off from their normal communities and spiritual leaders. It positions Q and his most prominent mouthpieces in social media as prophets of religious cult peeling away members of more traditional conservative evangelical […]

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In Defense of Teachers

It has become very popular to take potshots at teachers over the last month. Even the Atlantic got into it: “So I can understand that teachers are nervous about returning to school. But they should take a cue from their fellow essential workers and do their job. Even people who think there’s a fundamental difference […]

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