Qhristians for Trump

MIT Technology Review has an interesting piece out on how the pandemic has accelerated the embrace of QAnon conspiracies among Evangelical Christians cut off from their normal communities and spiritual leaders. It positions Q and his most prominent mouthpieces in social media as prophets of religious cult peeling away members of more traditional conservative evangelical […]

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In Defense of Teachers

It has become very popular to take potshots at teachers over the last month. Even the Atlantic got into it: “So I can understand that teachers are nervous about returning to school. But they should take a cue from their fellow essential workers and do their job. Even people who think there’s a fundamental difference […]

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Anti-Racist Education

There is a lot of great dialog going on in America right now around race. Obviously, it is long overdue and it breaks my heart that it required something as monstrous as the death of George Floyd to provoke it, but sometimes we have to take silver linings where we can get them. While reforming […]

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Textualism Comes for the Textualists

For the high that Trump supporters got from “all the winning” they imagined they were getting in 2016 — Tax cuts! Judges! Owning the Libs!– 2020 has been quite the hangover. Trump has been a constant embarrassment, never bothering to “rise to the occasion” or “act Presidential,” let alone bungling his response to the coronavirus, […]

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Profiles in Cowardice

2020 has been challenging.  A global pandemic has killed over 100000 Americans and counting. The economy, already teetering on the edge from years of deregulation, mechanization, and tilted in favor of the 1%, is in shambles, with record levels of unemployment, the collapse of many small businesses and retail companies, and social distancing rules that […]

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Race and Progressive Politics

News sites are awash with “the momentum myth” and “demographics are destiny” this week in the wake of Joe Biden’s trouncing of the Democratic field in South Carolina over the weekend. Some of this is just reactionary news coverage explaining why the narrative they were so sure of for the last two months (Sanders has […]

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