Reflections on David Gelernter’s 20 Thoughts

Conor Friedersdorf has a wonderful, wide-ranging interview with Yale computer scientist David Gelernter in The Atlantic this week. Friedersdorf is right to say that the Washington Post’s characterization of Gelernter as an anti-intellectual is wrong (and frankly bizarre). Gelernter is more accurately described as a talented polymath and a brilliant critic of American higher education, culture, and society. […]

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Cowardice and Courage in Congress

It comes as little surprise to most political observers to find that the Republican-controlled Congress is unwilling to investigate any of President Trump’s alleged misconduct. Parties infrequently hold their own executive’s feet to the fire. But this group of people in Congress is not like most in our past. These are the “patriots” who road the […]

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What Makes Someone Qualified?

Qualified, adjective: officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job; certified.” There has been a lot of talk about being qualified in politics lately (or, more accurately, a lot of claims that people leading the country are unqualified). Barack Obama was lambasted from the primary on for being unqualified to be President. Conservatives […]

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