Andrei Karlov Is Not Franz Ferdinand

Ahistorical comparisons are all the rage today. We’ve got a constant stream of “Trump and Brexit are Hitler, Mussolini and the rise of fascism” posts. And the shocking murder of Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov by a Turkish police officer/terrorist has brought forth a host of comparisons to the assassination of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by […]

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Was Your President Black?

Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote a masterful reflection on the Obama era in The Atlantic this month. Clear an hour on your schedule and go read My President Was Black. The entire piece is worth your time-, but I want to highlight this selection: “Much ink has been spilled in an attempt to understand the Tea Party […]

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What is in a Name?

Josh Mandel (R), Ohio’s Treasurer and “up and coming”  GOP star wanted to be the first to scream “radical Islamic terrorism” after the strange, confusing, and shocking events on Ohio State’s campus last Monday. Just hours after the attack Mandel tweeted that it was clearly an act of radical Islamic terrorism. His evidence? The name and […]

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