Hate and Violence in America

Hate is not a new look for America. It has been with us from the beginning. The European settlers who colonized this land did so with faith in their heads and malice in their hearts. Christian warriors took these lands through tricks, coercion, deal-making, and force– all decidedly Non-Christian acts. It was okay, though. You […]

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The GOP’s Last Stand?

The capitulation of national GOP leaders to the candidacy of Donald Trump was a mild shock. As soon as they realized his candidacy had real traction you could sense their fear. Trump took their traditional dog whistles and made them audible for all to hear. These messages were meant to be coded, appealing to the […]

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Jarrin Jackson and How to Square Being a Constitutionalist and an Authoritarian

Every day it seems like we get a new example of the conservative descent into authoritarian madness. Today’s lesson comes to us from an Oklahoma congressional race. Jarrin Jackson, a former Captian in the US Army, is campaigning to become the representative of Oklahoma’s second district (he also charmingly described himself as a “millennial who is […]

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