Rebuilding the Republican Party

As the GOP establishment continues to be flabbergasted by the success and staying power of Donald Trump, the punditry has already begun dissecting his presumptive failure in the general election (no sure thing). Like the post-mortem they performed following Mitt Romney’s defeat in 2012, the talking heads and opinion page scribes are calling for some […]

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Is America in Ruins?

Why do so many, especially conservatives, think America is ruined? I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. It is all over the news. Every other word spoken or spilled over the contested GOP primary references the idea. Talking heads are diagnosing where the party went wrong (I’ve done it myself many times over). […]

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Obama: Hobbesian Optimist

Regardless of your opinion of President Obama, you should read Jeffrey Goldberg’s 20,000-word feature The Obama Doctrine in this month’s The Atlantic. It is a rare and revealing look into his foreign policy worldview and how he thinks. This is the sort of nuanced, honest journalism that makes you a wiser political thinker and voter. […]

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Who Killed Detroit?

In Fox News latest car crash/GOP Primary Debate, Ted Cruz garnered big applause in claiming that the fall of Detroit (and implicitly, the Rust Belt) was the result of 60 years of failed liberal government, claiming that “destructive tax policies,” and “weak crime policies” drove citizens out. Cruz says that this is a story the […]

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