Inventing Enemies

People love to lament how fractured and divided the United States is today. “We’ve never been more divide” is about as historically inaccurate a thing as a person could ever say. A large percentage of this nation used to be held in perpetual bondage by “citizens.” We fought a civil war. We assassinated, bombed, and […]

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The Conservative Elite Crusade To Make Sure Working Class Kids Pursue Working Class Jobs

Oren Cass wrote one of the worst op-ed’s the New York Times has ever published. That is no small feat. His premise is that we spend too much money (and time) preparing college-bound students and do too little for vocational education in our public schools. I argue that his thesis illustrates how deeply conservatives misunderstand […]

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Laboratory Schools

Something notable happened this week that did not involve another Donald Trump scandal or twitter absurdity (those happened too). The first-ever charter school teachers strike took place in Chicago. The teachers at Acero (who is Chicago’s largest charter school system and runs 16 schools) are demanding higher pay, increased diversity among teaching staff int heir […]

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A Coalition of the Willing

I like Crooked Media. A lot. I listen to a lot of their pods several times a week– especially Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, and With Friends Like These. I’m obviously sympathetic to many of their goals, in particular, progressive social policies on LGBTQ and racial equality. Those are the foundation of my […]

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