Mike Ditka and Colorblindness

The issue of race in America is among our deepest divides. Indeed, most Americans can’t even agree that race IS an issue. Afterall, none of us sees race anymore. History is clear on this topic– the United States has been plagued from inception to present with institutional racial discrimination and exploitation. While most agree on […]

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American Populism

Political opinion writers are still wrestling with the question of how did we get to Trump. I suspect that we will be reading pieces like this one from David Brooks for the rest of our lives. Conservatives are especially interested in the narrative. How did the party of family values, free trade, and a muscular […]

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The Maverick’s Last Stand?

Every great western ends this way. The lonely and erstwhile anti-hero, equal parts brave and craven, comes to the end of their journey. They are given a choice: put down your gun, submit to the inevitable change that is coming, and live out the remainder of your days as a shadow of your former self or stick to your […]

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The End of White Christian America?

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade studying how Americans understand, use, and fight over competing visions of history. These culture wars have dominated our discourse about schools, students, knowledge, and our very identity as Americans. The Trumpening upended some of the traditional narratives on the topic– though I would note that these static impressions […]

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