When Truths Collide

By the time then-Vice President Biden had arrived, he could sense I was uncharacteristically nervous- and quickly gave me a hug. After the swearing in, as Ash was giving remarks, he leaned in to tell me “thank you for letting him do this” and kept his hands on my shoulders as a means of offering […]

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The Con Comes Full Circle

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he was signing an executive order “eliminating the Common Core and the vestiges of Common Core” in the Florida public school systems. This has been a conservative rallying point for nearly a decade. They hate the Common Core. Why? Let DeSantis explain: “You would have situations where the parents […]

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Inventing Enemies

People love to lament how fractured and divided the United States is today. “We’ve never been more divide” is about as historically inaccurate a thing as a person could ever say. A large percentage of this nation used to be held in perpetual bondage by “citizens.” We fought a civil war. We assassinated, bombed, and […]

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The Conservative Elite Crusade To Make Sure Working Class Kids Pursue Working Class Jobs

Oren Cass wrote one of the worst op-ed’s the New York Times has ever published. That is no small feat. His premise is that we spend too much money (and time) preparing college-bound students and do too little for vocational education in our public schools. I argue that his thesis illustrates how deeply conservatives misunderstand […]

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