Looking for “Changemakers?” Try your Local Liberal Arts College

Conservatives education reformers have spent the better part of 40 years running down the idea that a liberal arts education is something most Americans should strive for. They aggressively promote vocational education with the argument that there are a plethora of “good, high-paying jobs” just waiting for any eager young man or woman who would reject the […]

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The Reign of Incompetence

In the hours and days following the election of Donald Trump, I took a lot of phone calls and emails from concerned friends and acquaintances. Beyond the “how did this happen” confusion was a palatable fear for what would come next. While I had my own anxieties (did we really just give the nuclear codes […]

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Mike Ditka and Colorblindness

The issue of race in America is among our deepest divides. Indeed, most Americans can’t even agree that race IS an issue. Afterall, none of us sees race anymore. History is clear on this topic– the United States has been plagued from inception to present with institutional racial discrimination and exploitation. While most agree on […]

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