A Big Eulogy

Nothing about my baby brother was ever small. He was born big– literally. Mike wasn’t just a physically large man, his presence, his thoughts, and his feelings were larger than life too. That bigness defined his life and the things most here would cite as examples of what they loved about him. Michael’s immense size […]

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Life Update 2021

I haven’t had much time to write lately. Some of that is due to how depressing I find most of my favorite topics to be right now. But mostly I have just been very busy. 2020 and 2021 have been hard on humanity. The social isolation, career disruption, stress, illness, and loss that our family […]

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Estate Taxes and the Middle Class

Periods of political transition are often marked by cognitive dissonance in messaging. Old shibboleths are hard to drop. One of the most eyeroll inducing examples of this in our current discourse is watching GOP mouthpieces and standard bearers twist their defense of not taxing estates into something that makes sense in their larger “working class” […]

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“Red Dog Democrats” and the Most Prudent Path Forward for Former Republicans

Bill Kristol whipped up a debate on NeverTrump Twitter this weekend by writing that the best immediate path forward for moderate conservatives is to help the Biden administration succeed and to bolster the centrist wing of the Democratic party. Adopting the term “Red Dog Democrats” that Tim Miller rolled out post-election on the Bulwark, Kristol […]

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Voters are the Party

One of the most common complaints people make about our politics is how detached politicians are from what “we the people” want. This couldn’t be further from the truth. American democracy is very market oriented– especially the in the House. Yesterday’s House Republican secret ballot votes on Liz Cheney and Majorie Taylor Greene was a […]

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There is No Post-Trump GOP

There is only Trump. The first piece I explicitly wrote about Donald Trump was nearly five years ago (feels more like 20 years ago). It was titled “Creating a Monster.” I argued that the rise of Donald Trump to win the nomination of the GOP was the natural evolution of where the party had been […]

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