Legitimacy in Policing

The bloated, self-referential, corporate orgasm that is the Super Bowl has come and gone again. It brought with it all the usual nonsense– contrived “storylines” like the exuberant, emotional, athletic stylings of Cam Newton vs. the stoic, studied, precision of Peyton Manning (a narrative that didn’t even bother hiding its naked, insipid racism– wonderfully mocked by […]

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Erasure and Black History Month

Parul Sehgal, senior editor of the New York Times Book Review, wrote a wonderful piece on erasure in American culture yesterday. Sehgal makes a compelling case that we lack the capacity for imagining more than a single narrative (primarily that of the straight, white, Christian male), which is made evident across our artistic spectrum– from media coverage of crime to […]

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Losing the White Middle Class

Yesterday, conservative theologian R. R. Reno wrote an editorial for the New York Times entitled “How Both Parties Lost the White Middle Class.” For Reno, the populism of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is the result of a broken covenant between the two parties and the white majority. The fear and anxiety of the white middle class, who […]

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God, James Madison, and the Constitution walk into a bar…

Reality TV star Phil Robertson stumped for Ted Cruz today in Iowa. While working the Cruz crowd into a lather, Robertson launched into the now familiar conservative evangelical Christian refrain that America is plagued by ‘evil gays’ and that our salvation can only be found through a return to the original intent of the Constitution and our Biblical traditions. […]

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